Happy to share the news

we are very thankfull to Mrs Khalda ,Mr Richmond and Mr Sarthak for coming and sharing our happiness and smile,we all are very happy today as now Injeela Jan Kalyan Samiti is on Amazon,as seller ,we are selling handmade candles for now ,our seller account is active and we are ready with our stock,today is a lucky day as we are active on Amazon .Our brand name is INJEELA’S.We are very happy as we will generate more employment and more happiness.its ngo birthday too,double happiness.We distributed sweaters and other gifts to students too .Need blessings from all well wishers as still we have to fight but i think we can make a difference!!!!!!!!!

Hey, check out the products I am selling on Amazon – https://www.amazon.in/s?me=A28UZVK6DDBGZ6&ref=sf_seller_app_share_new

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